Shift (Beta)

Are you looking for a boost on your spiritual path? It's Not Your Imagination. You're Ready for a Shift.

Get monthly packets of energetic support to move you to your highest self.

Three month membership into the Shift energetic support cohort.

This is the trial version of a new program. It runs from April - June of 2022. All members of who sign up for this beta test will be considered to be founding members and will enjoy the perks of founding membership as the program progresses.

5 Sections

June Energy Packet

the June 2022 energy packet carries the codes for bringing in the masculine to balance and support the feminine (the more introverted, sensitive, aspects of us) so that we can achieve a higher level of holistic abundance. 

May Energy Packet

the May 2022 energy packet was recorded on the last new moon in April. It brings the energy of grounding and gratitude to create a new future.

April Energy Packet

get your tea and fasten your seatbelt! That's what came to me at the beginning of this transmission. This one will support you in powerfully opening to your magic.

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