Energy Alignment Package

Energy Alignment Package

There's More to You than Your Human Existence

If your higher-self, soul-self, and spiritual guides could tell you one thing, they would say that they are here to help you reach and go beyond your human-bound potential. They want you to know that you are more than just a body and a mind. You are a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional being who can draw upon your rich soul history, divine gifts, and the energy from the source of creation to bring your current life experience to new heights.

When you align your human self with the higher aspects of your consciousness you are elevated into the realm where high-powered light and energy can multiply your current quotient of authenticity, satisfaction, joy, and success. The Energy Alignment Package activates an awareness of and a deeper relationship with your multidimensional essence, and it gives you the healing, clearing, and energy tools that you can use to unblock yourself and move your life forward.

What the Energy Alignment Process Does

  • Puts you in touch with your higher-self, soul-self, and guide team so that you have access to all of your higher wisdom
  • Clears blocks to love, light, and truth so that you can see yourself and your situation more clearly and deal with it in a empowered way
  • Provides healing for the most significant things that reveal themselves during the session
  • Activates higher levels of consciousness and raises your frequency
  • Raises your awareness about who you are at soul-level so that you understand why you're playing your version of the human game
  • Opens a connection between your human design and your soul design so that you live your life in a more integrated way

Get the Energy Alignment Package if...

  • You've done a lot of personal development work and feel stuck in one or more areas of your life
  • You want to work with your soul consciousness and your higher self in a more intimate way
  • You want to be more attuned to your inner guidance
  • Something feels off or disconnected within you and it's keeping you from functioning at a higher level
  • You have gifts that you're not using and want to bring them out
  • You would like to bring more esoteric, "behind the scenes" support to your business, life, and relationships
  • You have a good understanding of your human design genetic blueprint and want to explore your multidimensional soul blueprint

The Energy Alignment Process - Akashic Record Research, Soul-Level Clearing, Channeled Guidance, Two Live Meetings

  1. Preliminary Soul Record Research - The preliminary research sets the stage for understanding who you are as a soul.  I look into the Akashic Records (book of life) for specific information about your soul-level characteristics (that don't change from lifetime to lifetime) and your divine gifts.  I also check in with your personal guide team to insure that all are working in a positive way on your behalf.
  2. Initial One-to-One Meeting - We meet via video conference to explore your soul-level characteristics and gifts. We weave that into how you're designed to live them out through your Human Design blueprint. Then we strategize on how you can begin to live out more of your divinity in your human existence.
  3. Soul-Level Healing and Clearing - Deeper research is done in the Akashic Records to understand the choices you made at soul-level that currently stand in the way of your ability to be fully empowered to use your gifts to create what you desire. Healing work is done to clear the energetic repercussions from your soul record. I wait for the right energetic moment to do this phase of the work. It could take anywhere from one day to one week after our initial meeting to complete it.
  4. Recording of Findings and Channeled Message - Immediately after the research and clearing, I record a brief synopsis of the findings. Then I connect with your higher self, guides, and healing team to bring through the streams of consciousness, energy frequencies, insights, and guidance that you need in order to fully embody the healing that has taken place in the higher realms. Your recorded session is emailed to you when it is complete, along with a link to schedule your one-to-one integration session.
  5. One-to-One Integration Session - This is your opportunity to work through the shifts that are happening in your life, clarify the guidance you received, and ask questions about your reading.
  6. Follow-Up Sessions As Needed (additional fee) - After the completion of the initial process, you may want to check in periodically to fine-tune your own connection with your higher self. These sessions are scheduled ala-carte and are not included in the package price.


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