Advanced Human Design Consultation

Advanced Human Design Consultation

You've been experimenting with your strategy and authority. Now you're ready to look at the advanced details of your chart because this will bring more enlightenment onto your path and ease to your journey. My style with advanced readings is eclectic, intuitive, and problem-solving in nature. Your session evolves according to your questions and what needs to be revealed in the moment to you as we converse.

I often have intuitive insights as I look at your chart. This guides me to help you unlock some truth that you have not yet seen about yourself. Many people report that they are somehow activated by the information and the way that's presented. While they often have aha moments within the session, their personal insights continue to unfold over time.

Here are some topics that we can focus upon during an advanced consultation. These are the most common areas that people want to explore. If you have other concerns or questions that aren't addressed in these readings, and you want to know if Human Design can shed some light, please feel free to contact me with your questions.

  • Life Purpose - A look at the most prominent themes of your chart and how they support your life purpose.
  • Relationships - Understand the influences that other people have on you and how you can create more ease in your relationships. (A full relationship reading is recommended if you want to concentrate upon one or more other people.)
  • Life-Cycle Transitions - When turning 30, 40, and 50 and 3 months before each birthday
  • Business and Career - How to live from your design and have a fulfilling business or career

How Advanced Sessions Work

  • Schedule Your Appointment - Link provided after purchase. Please ask any questions about how this works prior to ordering.
    • When scheduling, please give me a day or two to prepare. It's common for me to look at several versions of your chart and then meditate upon them to connect with your energy and the info that's ready to be revealed to you. I'm often compelled to do a little extra research on some aspects of your design that stand out to me. All of this takes time and energy.
  • We Meet on My Zoom Conference Line - Our conversation unfolds as we look at various versions of pertinent charts on the screen. Please allow 75 minutes for our meeting. If you purchase extra time when scheduling, please be sure to allow for that in your schedule.
  • You Will Have the Opportunity to Record Your Session - If your system allows for it. If you're unable to record, I will record it for you and email you the link where you can download it.
  • You Get Unlimited Email Access to Me for One Month After Your Reading - to answer your lingering questions and share your insights and revelations.


What Others Say

"My Human Design journey began before I realized more than 20 years ago when I began consulting the IChing daily. Then around 4 years ago a close friend introduced me to HD and it resonated enough that I have been attempting to live my design ever since. 

The study of Gene Keys has added to the richness of my understanding of my life journey especially from a soul perspective. Recently I was fortunate enough to have a reading with Sandy. She took my awareness of my journey, my strengths and gifts and my challenges to a whole new level! She was able to help me become aware of and reflect on the deeper areas of my essence.  I feel inspired to delve further into my experiment for which I am grateful. Thank you Sandy!

Simone, Crisis Counsellor"

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