Energy Mastery for Projectors

Energy Mastery for Projectors

Dear Projector,

As a Human Design Projector, I know first-hand how challenging it can be to live in a world where we're designed to stand out. You've probably found yourself here because most everyone was telling you (or maybe you were telling yourself) to work a little harder or quit being so lazy. When deep down inside, you see things differently and therefore you need to do things differently in order to succeed.

Maybe you've been looking to the "experts" to figure out how you can have the experiences that your soul craves without running your body into the ground. So here's the thing...

Your answers are inside you. Yeah, yeah, yeah... everyone says that... but really...

Very few of the so-called experts out there know what it's like to be a Projector energy type. Very few know what it's like to feel tired multiple times a day when you're perfectly healthy. Very few can even wrap their minds around the concept of doing less to accomplish more. Yet that's your experience. 

Let's face it, you're special ... and I'm not flattering you here. I'm just saying that 80% of the people on this planet today can't begin to know the depth of what you see and feel. That's just what you're about as a Projector. It comes naturally to you to know others so deeply that you can see exactly what they need to do to move their lives forward. You may take that for granted because it comes so naturally to you. But trust me, it's a superpower that the world so dearly needs.

The only thing is that you've got to be wise with your energy. You've gotta take care of your precious body. You've got to stay clear and discerning about how you use your energy and who you share it with. Otherwise, you end up exhausted, bitter, and wondering what you have to show for your life. 

I've spent much of my Human Design career sharing information with fellow Projectors who very dearly want to know how to leverage their energy and live an empowered life. This compilation of instructional videos and written words of wisdom come from my heart ... and my sincere desire to educate Projectors .... that includes you... about the value of your purpose and precious energy.

You're invited to invite me on this journey with you. I would be delighted to serve and support you as you align with and shine your brilliance into the world.

Best wishes,

Sandy Freschi, Human Design Blueprint Consultant

6 Modules

Let's Get Started

Do not skip! This module covers how to get the most from this course and some of the background info that sets the stage for understanding your Projector self.

The Projector Aura

Conditioning and Self-Care

  these modules will help you understand how you can use your strategy as a self-care tool to avoid the dark underbelly of conditioning.

Hey if you've never heard of this conditioning thing, you're going to get the overview here... and some things to do to start to become aware of it in your life. Specifically, you're going to get an education about sacral conditioning... something all Projectors have in common.

Managing Projector Bitterness

Special Topics

This is the place for Projector-centric odds and ends. Keep checking back for more.

Modules for this product 6
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