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Human Design Success Reading

Entry Level Human Design Reading that set's your foundation for your experiment while also illuminating how you're here to experience success. Includes a written report, a recorded chart overview, and a live one-to-one session.

Deconditioning Blueprint

Uncover the energy dynamics that keep you from living your best life. As you use your Human Design chart to identify long-held patterns that you're ready to release, outside forces will no longer keep you from living an awakened and empowered life.

Energy Mastery for Projectors

This course is a compilation of instructional videos, written materials, and audios that were created just for Human Design Projectors.  I've created many courses over the years to help Projectors to be empowered and aligned with their designs. The best excerpts are here.

Sacral Wisdom for Generators and Manifesting Generators

Learn what it means to have a strategy to wait to respond. Cut through the mystery of your sacral response, so that you feel it, understand it, and know-how to let it guide you through life. 

Splenic Authority

Learn about how to work with your Splenic decision-making authority to hear its guidance when you need to take action. Get insight into how the spleen center operates as an awareness center that is alert to what's necessary for survival and safety. 

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